Sunday, March 15, 2009

Things at MDI I would neva fget...

Wow - here I am back penning down my thoughts before I leave my alma meter - neva did this despite having so many chances in the last so many months...
Here goes da list - in no particular order:

- Room No 223, First Floor Boys Hostel, Change Masters
- Team Ulrichians
- Students Council, MDI
- Being the PGHR Representative - PGHR07
- Induction days, when I learnt to live without a cellphone :)
- Vaibhav Chaturvedi, the best roommate one can ever have
- Chhakka Wing Terrace
- The only cricket match HR07 won & the victory night
- One sleepless night for a project submission in Term 1; sleeping nearly at 6 AM
- Reaching late for the same submission and scrambling a good presentation :)
- Rahul Jain, my best pal at MDI
- Rahul's impromptu presentation in Term 4 - STCM class (he didnt know ANYTHING about the case/topic/slides etc)
- Term 3 - HRIS class Role Plays; the great DILBERT experience
- Late night countdown meets within Team Imperium 07
- Summer Placements Oscars night - three awesome converts :) - a sleep of 1.5 hours and a lecture at 8:30 AM
- Sankar Prasad Datta - one of the best people I have known in my life
- March 31 2007 - packing stuff all nite post Term 3 exams to vacate room for Summers; nearly NO sleep
- Term 1: Group 3
- Unlimited pangey wid Profs at MDI
- Term 2: Cost Accounting Exam days: absolutely no idea how to answer the paper - everything upto the Almighty :)
- Badminton post 11 pm at night - especially in winters
- The innumerous dinners at Metro Mall Food Court
- Roaming the campus at night - and then adding to the number of rounds, doing bakar :)
- Competing on Pacman with my roomie :)

Da process of becomin a Mandevian began from Day 1 - and is still underway - prolly 18th March 09 will brand us forever - look forward to it now...