Friday, September 09, 2005

ORACLE - here i come!!

Pancham of Ganesh Chaturthi today...n we are all busy...gettin ready for preparations of the nite when the ganesh visarjan is there as well as the preps for leavin tomm for n dad comin with me - nice holiday for them too...leavin by train from Vasco - a change of trains in between at Londa...

Parents and relatives kehte hain-'beta Oracle acchi company hai- use chhodna bewakoofi hogi- CAT vagaira ke baare me sochna chhod de'...well well well - does Oracle mean the end of the world? Does it mean that i have acquired all that i have to in life ? How can i discard my options now itself...when i havent even given my best to CAT and all the other exams to follow? Can i just leave my dreams stranded? Certainly not..

Howeva i am most certainly excited of the fact that Oracle happened for me - and well just 3 days separate me from joining it...shall edit you next on joining Oracle officially from my blog...till then -
c ya at Bangalore!!

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