Friday, May 19, 2006

B L A C K day !

There are some days in our lives when feelings of nationalism, unity in diversity, feelings to pay our respects to the country such situation was described well in RDB... In my standard 8th and 9th, I had become quite popular due to a certain essay, and later an elocution I had given on the same topic - 50 years of India's independence. I still remember a couple of lines from it. What I have been realizing in the bygone years is that I was speaking it out to deaf ears - zombies who cant understand - 'people'who dont want to break from the shackles of being pinned down first by the British, and now by sluggishness and lack of movement. Lack of movement - lack of the desire to move ahead and speak out what one really wants...speak out that whats goin on is not democracy after all..

Our thinking has most certainly acquired rust through the times - we see hundreds of things happening rite in front of our eyes, yet we dont do anything, dont move a of my roommates gave me a good excuse for it today 'Who has the time to...' lets not complete it...dont most of us mention the same thing? Whats shaking the country at present is mainly the needs of the students, whose cries arent being heard...the decision for 49.75 percent reservation for seats in educational institutions as well as a mojority of the private sector (including companies, and even schools) is being taken forward by the Central government, and no one seems to be able to do somethin...who stands up - the people affected the most...the students from medical colleges to be the max...and what do they get in return - water bombs, tear gas...words of appreciation??

TOI mentioned May 19th to be a national 'black' opposition to these reservations. As I walked out of da place where i stay today morning, I felt a sense of relief in doin at least some small thing for the country...which is at present in da hands of some bewakoofs...relieved to see that at least some of my fellow countrymen did get the message and wore a black attire to some extent...a bit cross when i saw dat people had forgotten about it, or the message had not properly been delivered across, mind u, inspite of being published in TOI Bangalore Edition...

I do not exactly know how the response was from the people from other companies, but as per one of my colleagues here, 'We could do the best to express ourselves...we cant do nethin if the others just cant or dont want to do it'... True, but expression is necessary. How closely the situation matches disaster is known only to the people who have fire within them...those who are closely fighting the people formulating these laws. The others stay in the shadows, provide comments, but use English as a powerful tool in order to express their feelings - not physical, but expressed well. 'Scholarships, not reservations', 'Why reservations in the first place', 'Give it to THEM instead of plain vanilla reservations'...such messages are across all media...and yeah they have provoked da youth to a considerable extent...

What I am searching for, though, are revolutionaries - an Azaad, an Ashfaqulla, a Singh, and so on of their kind, who will one of these days go ahead and do the needful... the country needs blood...let it be of those guys who make such 'bakwaas' laws...!


Kiran said...

True.. totally agree wid u..

I did observe quite a few people in my company too. many of them were quite expressive, meaning they were dressed totally in black..

and I think while u and me r not doing anything great at the moment (compared to the medicos on hunger strike for example).. we DO have a start. .. expressing your support is the best way to start..

and we are also doing a lot by spreadin the word, which translates to awareness..

Lets carry this forward.. and involve ourselves more intensely in the affairs of our country.. be it protest a-la RDB, or reform - like Swades [or BOTH :)]..


Anonymous said...

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