Thursday, May 31, 2007

TISS GD/PI experience

This was probably my best - but didnt get me da result expected :(.

Date and time: April 16th - 9:30 am
Place: Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) Mumbai

Reached at around 2 pm on Sunday the 15th and spent that evening at TISS - met many new PG friends - Vachan, Rajiv and of course later Saki and Ram (whom I already knew)... the stay overnite was nice - doesnt feel as if u are in Mumbai when inside the campus at TISS :) - small in size but really nice to have a walk in da evenings etc - and extremely conducive atmosphere and surroundings for study - and well - the latest news is that TISS has become wi-fi :) - all da info was poured in from Babu who met us on Sun evening and answered a lot of questions from our side...

Woke up early in da morning - got ready and went to the main lounge where there was a smal crowd - not as much as expected - we had a small presentation on the know-how of TISS by a second-year'ite of the HRM/LR program... later we came up and were grouped into different batches (as put on da notice board) - and were led to da different classes for the GD/PI - Mine was in class XI - 8 of us (2 absent) - 4 boys 4 gals... so even ratio :)

GD: Globalisation is a mixed blessing for the youth of today (it was the same topic for all the batches in my main group) - the other group had got Gandhian values etc etc... ( though the topics are being changed evryday - so dont go by them :| )

Very decent GD - chipped in a lot of times... was surprised by da female junta as some spoke real well, and real fluently. By da way we ourselves decided that we wud use paper, and recollect our thoughts for sometime - the 2 supervisors didnt have a prob with it - though when we decided on the topic as globalisation and started writing, one of them said 'Isnt this a GD ?? ' - and well - one of the ladies started rite away. Two of the females seemed to be dominating the show - though all guys spoke well too - and well - chipped in a lott of good points - though the youth aspect was kinda fading away with all the industrial and economic aspect takin toll of da topic :mg: - all of us spoke without majorly cutting others - as we had been reminded that domination of the GD wud lead to getting -ve points.

Rating: 8/10

After this - we were led into a room, and were told that there is still some time for the PI. Hence we moved off - grabbed a vada-paav for a quick bite and then came back - to our disbelief the PI's had already begun - apparently the people were being called RANDOMLY. Was surprised at this - but there was nothin we cud do. We just gave our names, and sat there hopin for a quick call. I was called in just before the lunch call - though they dedided later that I too shud be pushed in after lunch :|. So i went ahead, ate somethin and returned. The wait before the PI was long. The PI finally happened at around 3 to 3:15 pm. I was all jittery before as I had heard my panel had been stressing the people in da morning and blasting on GK... finally I was in...

PI: The panel - Oldish smiling lady - L (did almost all questioning)
Elderly man in between - E
Different lookin elderly person with long tied hair - D
Bakra moi ;) - B

B (enters and wishes all - sits)
E: Whats these documents? (pointing to my change of name docs)
B: (Explains what were they)
E: But why did you change your name ?
B: blah blah
All 3 of them: Ok ok
L (smiling eternally :mg: ) - So u are working in XXX - how long?
B: blah blah
L: Oh - thats a lot of time - wat are u working in?
B: blah blah (cool workex questions :mg:)
L: Ohk so such a nice field - why do u want to come into HR?
B: Blah blah blah blah -( some kind of an answer which I had thought of... explained properly - wat do I get -- EXPRESSIONLESS faces from all except from L - she is smiling in an understanding manner - E is checkin my papers/docs/certificates)...
E: So what do you know about HR as a field?
B: blah blah - tell them the basics
(all shaking head except D of course ;) )
L: Ok - so Ashish tell me bout what you think of women in this present day corporate world? And what are the issues faced by them ?
B: blah blah - sexual harrasment, ego problems from men, etc etc
L: Ohkie - so wat are the things companies have been doin to prevent such things like sexual harrasment?
B: blah blah
(trying to maintain eye contact with all - but E is busy with file - doesnt look at me AT ALL - and D is well - blank - stone-faced - no expressions! )
L: Ohkie - so tell me about the reservations issue now -
wat do u think bout the reservations issue in the private sector?
B: Blah blah blah blah
L: Ohk cool - (looks at others for their turn)
D (all of a sudden): What are the different central trade unions in India?
B: (says somethin which goes kinda unheard)
D: wattt???
B: blah blah (explains)
E: Ohkay yes yes
D: (shaking head)
D: Can you name some trade union in the unorganized sector?
B: umm - dont think I know any - but i guess BMS can be one of them
D: (smilingly looks at L)
Moi understands that my answer is wrong :(
D: So which are the new states in India??
B: blah blah
(all quiet for sometime)
L: (asks E if he wants to ask any questions)
E: No nothin actually - so bout ur hostel accomodation at TISS -- blah blah ( they were askin this to all at their interviews)
B: blah blah
L: Ohkay thats it then - thanx Ashish
E: yes thanks
D: expressionless :|
B: (wishes and exits)

Approx 15 min - Dont know wat to say - questions were ok and I answered without any gaps etc -managed it well- but hardly any reaction from the panel - except for the lady at times... the people before me and those after me had a similar kinda interview - though not entirely on GK questions - theirs were even shorter - some 8 to 9 min...
Looks like they were lookin for more than just mere answers... :|

Rating: 8.5 to 9/10 (from my side)

Travelled in da evening to Churchgate to meet a friend and stayed overnite with him - had kinda fun - and then travelled back to airport da next morning to catch flite back to Blore - Saki (chaosunlimited) and another girl accompanied me in it - so that was good fun too :)

General opinion: Diverse interviews being conducted - entirely on luck which panel u get, and also how ur interview goes. Heard later that my panel conducted stress interviews in the latter half of the day... was again surprised at that... The panel with the dean was stressing most of da guys (like every year) - so guess people had to watch out there...


Amruta said...

That was a well written post, just like other posts of yours!
And came at such a right time... I was looking for people who've answered TISS interviews, so that they could gimme tips about it. Well, I am a first-time MBA aspirant, and am looking at HR as the first preference. Can you tell me what kind of preparation is needed for it?

Anand said...

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vani said...

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sreetama said...

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Umesh said...

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Deepak Jakhwal said...

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