Monday, June 08, 2009

Watz wid the Academy Awards?

I happened to see the movie - 'The Reader' yesterday. The only thing which possibly impressed me in the movie was the silence and slow but emphasizing pace of the movie. On the whole, I thought that the Academy has gone for a toss by having presented an Oscar to Winslet.

To those who haven't seen the movie - make sure you dont watch it along wid children or even female colleagues. The movie contains brash, bold shots of full frontal nudity - both male and female. In fact the first 40 minutes of the movie was more of an erotic drama than dat part which would yield the momentum to cinema. Winslet doesnt leave any respite in exposing every inch of her body - nothing new for her as she has done it in the past in Jude, Heavenly Creatures and the unforgettable Titanic. I must say she looks very beautiful, but then it seems that she took the Oscar for the erotic scenes and nudity rather than acting - I could hardly see any of that there. I have seen better performances from her in the past. Probably I agree with what one of my friends had to say - 'soft port show - maybe Winslet was just due for the Oscar'.

Amidst such movies, performances and skin show on the screen - where does august cinema like Taare Zameen Par & Lagaan get lost ? So many good Bollywood directors aspire to reach the elusive 'Academy Awards' - however dont such things reduce the credibility in the awards, and bring out feelings of nepotism, injustice and even at times disgust. Besides all other thoughts, I did like Slumdog Millionnaire, and found it to be wholesome entertainment for the viewer. But Oscars - naah... am just happy that Rehman got the long deserved one for the background score. For the rest, the Awards Committee will just have to learn to open their eyes, look around, take better decisions, make better judgements.


Kiran said...

"however dont such things reduce the credibility in the awards, and bring out feelings of nepotism, injustice and even at times disgust"

Yes they do! And they leave August cinema like TZP or Lagaan in the lurch. But hey, why should we crave for Academy awards recognition? If we get it, well and good. If we don't - it does not undermine the value of these outstanding movies does it?

Di said...

I completely agree with you, Kiran. Remember that Marathi film "Shwaas" that was sent to the Oscars as India's entry? It was a very low budget film but a very touching story.The poor producer had no money to even release it in the theaters across India and I can only imagine what a hard time he must have had raising money to send it to the Academy Awards. Maharashtra Govt and if I'm not mistaken, even Goa govt pooled in the money. But what was the use? It couldn't even get a nomination!

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