Saturday, March 26, 2005

need some 'lakshya' in ur life...!!

its 12:56 AM on holi day n i have just retired to sit back n type on the PC after havin seen one of my fav movies once again...wonder why Lakshya neva made it to the box office hits, n yeah...was neva popularly nominated in ne of the award ceremonies too...although i feel Farhan Akhtar had made a masterpiece; n has failed on no instances in comparison to his earlier blockbuster DCH...hats off to u Farhan...

thinkin bout the movie highlights to me the need for evryone to see it...esp evryone of my age presently...dose confused in their life bout their career and their goals in life...Its also a must watch for those with a passion for the Indian Army. Maybe people neva really appreciated the true moral of the movie, and swatted it off like ne other stereotyped army movie...dis one is didactic, and a true bagger for all the awards, of course along with Swades by Gowariker. The silence in the scenes with which the movie is shot says it all...and of course Hrithik does his job well...

as for now thinkin bout careers n future gives me da jitters...long-term plans are like broken cobwebs in my mind...short-term well..OK i shud say...planned to a certain extent...aakhir ek plain s/w engineer hi to hoon...who hates coding like nethin...(pardon me for now IT industry)

gotto get up for holi tomm..last celebrations in Goa...juz hope da colors last longer in life - more dan juz one day!!

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