Wednesday, March 30, 2005

second last internals of Engg life...finally done...

A back which is really painin...oooff....juz finished chattin with mah best friend, n tot i'd do some editin stuff ova here...yeah rite...another series of the stupid internals over...oly 3 subjex this time but well seems like a mountain though...n evrytime we finish with it...the landslide has like..juz passed...yet another along its we gotto juz wait...but now FINALLY...the last one to come...kinda will be around our farewell time i guess...heard from someone the farewell is before the 3rd shit!! dont wanna attend ne more aft farewell at least naa? what is the full motive of havin it then?

A month left for the term to get ova...n as i sit back n think bout it...yeah well...tot i cant recollect all of the moments i have enjoyed in the college but i can.
N in this class of mine, yeah of course - has been pne of the best class in times to come. All great friends who gonna split like nethin aft engineering now...maybe bandarnagar finds reason in that...united we are bandars, and divided? ..guess wat?

We remain bandars.

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