Wednesday, January 25, 2006

SOS - a movement...

Guess this post in the blog has been delayed was a visit to a unique place that had taken place on Sunday - I hadnt heard of it myself - it was my friend Deepa who gave me most of the inputs...and as she was leaving for Pune on Monday it became all the more reason why she shud have visited da place in Bangalore before she left...

The time - around 1 pm, after a rather late breakfast, and a hangover of the previous day's excitin time togetha. The place - SOS villages...quite far off on Bannerghatta Road. On the way to it, my friends could get a nice view of my company, as well as Honeywell, where another of our friend works, as well as of course, the one and only and ever-prestigious by its presence in Bangalore - the Indian Institute of Management. Now what this place was - and why would I describe it as a movement...SOS is an effort to home a majority of the orphans in the world...started quite long back by a foreigner - but now quite widespread in 37 cities India (dat was real nice to hear)...I guess its a must for one to know about such places - and such a movement for the cause for mankind...

The first thing I missed there on reaching of course was my camera phone(some defect in it)...howeva Deepa's 6600 was there to do da work...there was an official from SOS who showed us around and let us know the place better...there were around 16 homes everywhere, with around 10 children at any time in each home - of course 'equipped' with a mother(well she is employed, out of around 100 people who apply for the post)...the mother is the lady who takes care of all the children entrusted to that house. She spends all the life she after she joins SOS in nurturing the well-being of the children, till they become of eligible ages. The man, in fact even told us of a girl from SOS who was now comin back to her mom after delivery so that she can take care of her in her post-pregnancy period.

Once again- not all the photos are come dat good...still postin them so that u readers get a teeny weeny feel of this place...

The photos depict the lake in the campus, and also a snap of their beds in the rooms. Each house has around 3-4 rooms, with similar kind of beds for the kids. Of course, that is, until they are kids.

The place SOS is a must-visit. Deepa has left for Pune today, of course with the urge in mind to also visit SOS in Pune. Besides everything else, the place was a relief to get to from the busy life at Bangalore, with its quiet and serene surroundings. The 'movement' as I have called it, seeks help from every source possible, and of course even from monthly or annual donations, something which the official told us about.It is also possible to legally adopt a child from SOS. But of course, only after a screening process of how well can u mother or father the child. It was indeed a nice time that we had had at SOS. The reason was that we could associate ourselves with this movement - for the benefit of the homeless children, or those who are deserted by their parents. Lend a hand, take out a day from your busy life, and do visit SOS - an asset to the nation.


Anonymous said...

WOWWWW.. had no idea SOS was such a good place..actually i'd thot it was some kind of resort *grins sheepishly*

so this is a must-visit now..

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