Sunday, April 27, 2008

ManDevIan in Mumbai

Now what pushed me to get back to my blog eh? ;)
Well - it was something which used to keep my mind occupied last year - about wat 'more' to write - and I used tosearch for newer topics to write I tot I'd just use it to pen down my musings - n not realli as wat happens in my life... so I neednt be hanged by mah frenz now for not updating it.. :D
Rite now moi at Mumbai - the land where u wud find everyone - rite from the pauper to the prince. Internship is definitely one phase of the MBA where one gets out of the books and gets a good perspective about the realities ofthe functioning of organizations. For us HR interns, it is about learning bout the importance of the HR function in the organization, and the importance of HR in today's business world.
Wud consider myself as lucky to be provided acco and drop/pickup in Mumbai - lotsa my friends are facing it in termsof travel in locals on weekdays, busy guides, sultry weather and pure Mumbai mechanical life. My comforts give me more space in terms of putting more into work, and tiring out mentally, rather than physically. Its 6 interns atda place me interning in Mumbai - Hewitt Associates - 2 XL guys, 2 SIBM grads, one IIML(ABM) gal and da gloriousManDevIan me :)
Probably da reason I am not experiencing hectic Mumbai on weekdays is wats making me think dat Mumbai mite not be a bad place to settle after all ;) - though Bangalore is something one cannot get over very easily coz of da climate...
Will key in more aspects of da experience as time passes by...

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