Sunday, September 14, 2008

Term 5 - YAT

And here's Yet Another Term - not that i have spoken bout the prev terms - but sometimes I do get an urge to spring back to my blog. It emerges in my dreams - crying out for having left it lost on da net... ;)

With the beginning of this term, academic RG has kind of subsided, and the one with projects and competitions has upsurged - the first one being Manthan at TISS. Looking forward to an awesome experience when the 4 of us- me, Rahul, Arpita and Adarsh are headed there in the comin week on 17th.


Kiran said...

1) Welcome back to blogosphere [:D]
2) I like this template MUCH better than your previous one :-)

ContentXn Network said...

Hi Ashish,

Thanx for the academic RG looking forward to read more from you, plz do blog.
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