Sunday, June 05, 2005

Alchemist points the way ---->path to motivation and destiny...

'Baapat, with one hand to his cheek- in a pose to slap himself any time and Antao, staring like the dumbest asshole in da world...wat more is needed? the 10 minutes of a orals were to pass soon - the questions easy..n Limy and Shruti in good form today...guess all's well that ends well...justified by da 'yippppeeeeee' and yell from Limy's side da moment the door of the lab opened out to the temporary free hold and shut onto us from behind da portals of one sick n boring theory subject we had this time (true i had asked for the elective - par come on yaaron - kuch raham karo!)...dats Multimedia Systems for us...'

The orals done with..spent da rest of the day with my best friend and others, stopped to talk to my juniors aft da exam at Leo's and i was off for the main part of today's story...ahem!

finished a greattttt book today which was really really appreciable...and was worth all da comments i had seen or read bout it earlier...Paulo Coelho's Alchemist...not that da title under Ayesha Takia's (mannnn she's hotttttttt) interview in the newspaper attracted me to it...a few other friends had too...but it was really worth it. I had discovered it accidentally in the library, even when Rohan had told me i wudnt find it...guess it wanted to be read by me...

wont state much on the story - just that its that of a boy who seeks a certain trasure hidden in some part of the world for him...n hopes and aspires to find it only on the basis of his dreams...coz he believes in them...some important lessons we learn from it - neva fear from pursuing one's own dreams - perserverance and determination will help one achieve them and MUCH MORE soon enugh....its just that we shudnt give up in life - dats coz for each one of us in da world, there is some treasure hidden somewhere...just waitin for us to cast our eyes on it...but maybe it just takes more that a mere takes dedication and effort to pursue one's dreams - so GUYS dont be afraid of dreamin !!!

wud recommend the book to neone who
a) wants some motivation in life
b) is broken down n nothin in life seems possible
c) who needs some pastime
d) all of the above


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