Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Termination of graduation!!!

I knew i would neva fget the last look on the external examiner Raikar's face as he said 'ok..dats just about it - all done'...a sense of relief, satisfaction, and a feeling of completion - the completion of my four years of toil n bull shit hard work, of copied assignments, of bunked lectures, of nervousness and tensions of by-hearting 1200 page text books for a single semester paper, of gossip and flirting with gals, of eating the pastries, resoice and frankies from Monginis at Leonaras, n God knows wat wat...need i say more?

The last presentation for the final year project was done today, with the external asking some SDLC related questions, and of course our internal guide Antao adding some rubbish doubts in between much of which he must have not understood nethin himself...all in all an OK presentation - not bad i shud say...but now who is bothered anyway - its ALL DONE...i can safely look back now and say that Padre Conceicao was a dream that has passed and is never to return - howeva of course being nostsalgic and adding some really fond memories...

Well certain thumbs up and thumbs down - which i would list later on the blog regarding what i faced at Padre...but all in all - the 4 years course had been worth it only because of the great friends i had found and the network i have presently established...its not huge...but big enugh to spread the word and contact...to be safe the yahoogrp for our class owned by me itself, entitled Bandarnagar can do most of the work...


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